Mauro Nakimi, real name Jesus Gomez, is a Composer, Musician and Dj Spanish born in the year 1976. He began in the electronic music
in 1991, at the young age of 14 , influenced by his brother who played as a Dj in the on 80´s in several clubs of his city. After a few years playing in numerous clubs and events throughout Andalusia and outside the community, he wakes up in Mauro Nakimi the desire to make his own music, being at this moment makes contact for the first time with production tools like Trackers and Synthesizers that would derive in its first productions and Live Acts in the middle of the decade of the 90s with styles Breaks and Electro like reference. Also played on the most prolific events ( around 1000… ) in those years in and outside Spain until the final of XX Century with the artist name Jesus Psycobeat.


At the end of 2001 embarks on a trip to United Kingdom signed with an English Management, that would further enrich his way of understanding and conceive the Electronic Music, being in English territory where it begins his liking to the sound Techno. His tour of Britain leads him quickly to perform by numerous clubs of renown of the Capital and the South of UK. On his return to Spain there was a turning point, which would mark the development of the peculiar Nakimi sound. Mauro managed to develop a sound that really filled him, getting to be both a very personal style with which he felt very identified, and is that he had finally found the formula to combine the sounds Techno and Electro that years ago sought, with which Would feed his music in the not too distant future.

In the second decade of the twenty-first century Mauro Nakimi mastered with great skill production techniques, many of them available to only a privileged few, thanks to this gift to produce electronic music has on the market almost 200 works on international renown Labels on this decade.

In September 2014 he released his first full-length album under the name Simmetry 808, published on his own label Bassement Bass Records. An electro LP classic, purist, and with which it would obtain the recognition of specialized international press and general public. In February 2016 saw the light Multimorphic, his second full-length created, fully recorded live on a limited edition Vinyl / Media through his only vinyl label Back To Wax Records. Multimorphic Live Album is not only an album but the beginning of a new way of understanding music, composed in its totality by 11 Vinyl limited edition will have collaborations with remixes of more than 30 artists that Mauro Nakimi considers of capitals in defense of the basic wrights of music as an art and not as a mainstream element.


Since the beginning of the 2000s he has also started to develop his teaching facet to this day, having worked and developed methods of teaching Music Production, Dj Techniques, Direct Hardware, Mixing and Mastering for several National and International schools and by Private way, having students from numerous countries and also producers from National and International Schools of world renown to make their courses of improvement to three of his initiative Aural School in which instills the principles that carries out in his musical career.

His extensive experience in Mixing, Mastering and Live Sound in Electronic and Acoustic Music has made him develop since 2014 the Aural Mastering Services platform, which currently covers and service more than 40 Physical and Digital labels around the world preserving the dynamic wealth in Detriment of the struggle for sound pressure from the current mainstream market.


Speak of Mauro Nakimi as a composer is to make him an artist with full dedication to the development of an extremely personal and character sound, with a clear attraction to Dark sounds, accompanied by atmospheres really rich in details that help build a unique sound architecture. Mauro Nakimi’s relationship with the Synthesis and the hardware machines is really extraordinary, defender of the complete construction, the use and knowledge of physical instruments, not only in the harmonic environment, together with the creation of works developed entirely in real time without the Use of software. All his works of study are thought and designed for the direct, where he develops live acts with a spectacular performance in the content and the sonorous execution without neglecting a carefully treated visual. His work behind the plates – see as Dj as well – has always developed parallel to that of composer. Under this facet is characterized by an exquisite technique and knowledge difficult to find in the world electronic scene today, with the 12 inches as a reference.


2017 has been a great year because it was the year in which the album Multimorphic Live Album is consolidating internationally as a reference in terms of Real Underground philosophy. Publishing in the same 2 really great references in limited editions only on vinyl of his songs “ Aszendent “ and “ Polieder “ , with remixes in the first of Artists like Alek Stark and Boris Divider. Being in the second «Polieder» those in charge of giving their point of view artists like Christian Wünsch, Krenzlin and Gotshell and the upcoming “ Geometrish “ with remixes of Gez Varley from LFO , Larry McCormick AKA Exzakt and James Wolfe, being this only a small part of what is going to give of if this work and consolidating for few Mags and Radio Shows one of the most complete independent Electronic Music Artist Worldwide.


He has currently developed an Alter Ego dedicated to experimental electronics with the name of «Soul Murderer» with which he launched in September of 2017 a Debut Album entitled «Uninformed Society» with an extraordinary National and International welcome in a limited edition on CD of only 100 copies on NXT Recordings . An album composed of 9 songs in which Mauro Nakimi gives free reign to his more IDM, experimenting with complex sound fields and downtempo textures.

It also appears in the fifth and most ambitious edition of the compilation dedicated to Electro in the history of this style, such as 808 Box of Fundamental Records, composed in this edition by 10 Vinyl Limited Edition Wood Box and appears with Electro and Electronica Artist like The Exaltics, Plant 43, Unwelt, Cignus, Patronen, The Hacker, Andre Benedetti, Alek Stark, Bolz Bolz , Scape One, D´arcangelo and many more.


The future will bring us a new concept called EUGENESIS, an evolution to the previous philosophy of Multimorphic, also developed live but looking more to the stage than to its editing and where the video played a very important role and at the same time his working on his new Alter Ego called ArtSelektor focused on AV Live format and working on his brand new AV Live Act called “ Missing Interpretation “ .