Polieder Maxi, BWAX Records 002 now are ready and here on the pic you can directly buy, worldwide shipping.

Uninformed Society Album on Paralelo 3 RNE on his program 171, played the track Intergalactic Funk Hop, check.

Uninformed Society Album on Released by NXT Recordings here on Urban MGZ, awesome review. Click for more.. ( Spanish )

Interview for NXT Gravity crew and live with my new Techno Live project Nucleotide, check ( Spanish )

Will be a pleasure to open his first live series from La Galeria next June 7Th with an exclusive live show and a interview talking about some of evolution of music from 90s to nowadays. ( Spanish )


June 1st on the great relevant Electro Mag Technobass.net a great interview and conversation about my Album Multimorphic, and much interesting thinks about my career. Probably one of the best interviews that ever made. ( English )


Krenzlin played Mauro Nakimi – Polieder  ( Christian Wünsch Rework ) on the Formant FM ( Chicago, EEUU ) podcast N.62 Listen on clicking on the picture.


Talking about Multimorphic Live Album with the real good guys of 808 Nights Radio on his awesome weekly show. thanks !!! listen clicking on the picture.

( Spanish )

From Now ready to pre order BWAX003 Geometrish ( Single ) with remixes from Gez Varley ( LFO ) , Larry McCormick ( Exzakt ) and James Wolfe, Click on Picture for listen and Pre Order.

From now ready the pre order of BWAX 002 , Polieder with remixes of Christian Wünsch, Gotshell y Krenzlin, Click on picture for listening and preorder directly for Back to wax Records//bandcamp.

Every week live studio connection Facebook // Youtube , click on picture to suscribe to my Youtube channel. Now are ready from 21 to 24 .

Interview on Dj Mag N59 talking about Multimorphic ( 2016 ) Click on picture to read commplete. 7 pages talking about many things of multimorphic an Electronic Music Escene.

Live Jam podcast for Urban MGZ, excommunication with outside intelligence, click on picture for listening.   ( Spanish )

Great review of Magnetic Mag Crew from Polieder Single, Click below the picture form read complete. ( Spanish )



JESUS PSYCOBEAT CREMALLERA 93/97 MIXTAPES COLLECTION.  150 units Limited edition CD with real recorded cremallera nights remastered, soon on Bandcamp.

Great Review on Urban MGZ from Fernando Fuentes about Aszendent with remixes of Alek Stark and Boris Divider, limited edition only Vinyl, Click on Picture from read complete. ( Spanish )

Polieder Single between on the 14 best Techno Releases from start 2017 on Vicious Magazine. Click on picture to read all. ( Spanish ).

MULTIMORPHIC LIVE RED, a real limited edition of only 10 copies, more information clicking the picture, because i still believe on Music as an Art.


Echoes on Orbita Magazine from the Release BWAX002, a true Techno Limited Vinyl, click on picture for read all. (Spanish)

Echoes on Urban MGZ  from the Release BWAX002, a true Techno Limited Vinyl, click on picture for read all. (Spanish)


Great interview of Boris Divider on Urban MGZ talking to his new projects and some about Multimorphic Live Concept, Thanks !!!. Click to read all on picture. ( Spanish )

Echoes on Leviraje TV from Aszendent Maxi, Thanks !!! Click on picture to read complete. ( Spanish )

Echoes on  Grow Sound Mag talking about Aszendent Single, Click to picture to read complete. Thanks !! ( Spanish ) .

Echoes on Clubbingspain of Aszendent Maxi, thanks !! . Click on picture to read complete.