Mauro Nakimi

The complexity of personal made Electronic Music. 

For  30 years, Mauro Nakimi has a special relationship with Electronic Music that he became his main work in 1991 to nowadays. Among other styles, the Electro has been a fundamental part of his career and his dedication to this style has led him to be qualified by different media and renowned magazines as one of the most complete worldwide independent artists actually. The point that this artist gives to the Electro is very different from the classic parameters of the main style printing his personal way in all his works.

The live composition and creation of his works is one of his most remarkable signs of identity along with the use of hardware equipment without a computer. Also, the predilection for the Vinyl format for publishing his works makes this artist considered by much people a reference of the Underground Worldwide Scene. Music Composer, Live Performer and Dj with a extraordinary technique. The complexity of personal made Electronic Music. 

Aliases : Soul Murderer, ArtSelektor, Plainkillaz, Sub Fundation, Modulate Jesus, Nucleotide 

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