Back to Wax Records, high end only physical formats label since 2014. After few years experimenting the bubble and the future crash, low level music and the massification of the actual Digital Market Back to Wax born to provide Art inside and outside of our works. High quality materials for pressing and High quality sounds inside. Lacquer Mastering and Laquer pressing, italian paper covers hand assembled, antistatic bag, outside plastic cover and the most dynamic ranges on our Releases. That kind of works are for people who still believe in music as an art, not a easy made loop digital massive » songs » without soul and character, people who have a place for disconnect to the world and listen to real electronic timeless releases and trip to another dimension. For those people click in Bandcamp button for check out Vinyl Catalogue.




» Since i started to play Music the magical process of vinyl, the pure analogue sound are real my passion, after Thousands records behind me, 2 own records shops and the same passion after the first day, was hard for me to see the climb of digital format who still thinking that put real good music in wrong people hands, but now is our moment, is the moment to put the vinyl format on the first place again and stay so far of the digital marketplace » 


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Remember that all of our releases are only 300 copies limited edition with no repress and no digital versions, after Multimorphic Live Album will released are Scheduled great releases of first level international Techno/Electro/electronica artist. Now here down you can see some of our clients enjoying our works. VINYL WILL NEVER DIE.