This section is dedicated to everything that concerns the musical license of Mauro Nakimi. Since 2014, he only publishes material on Vinyl because he wants to stay away from the Digital Market and its intricacies although with one of its different sub projects published in Digital if it is accompanied by a limited physical edition CD / DVD / Vinyl as well.

For labels that want to license Mauro Nakimi’s music, new or published ones, please contact us either through the web form or by , will be happy to study your project and answer as soon as possible.

Another important section is the musical license for Movies, Serials , TV, Games and similar. Field in which Mauro Nakimi is involved in several international projects in that sense, if you are interested in some kind of incursion in Movies, TV, Games, series of some of his published works or you want Mauro Nakimi to develop a work from scratch for your environment would also be possible. Get in touch through the web form or at 

Currently, Mauro Nakimi considers and values ​​quality more than quantity in publications, therefore every year he will contemplate a maximum number of releases in accordance and measured with his line of thought.

«The love for music must be above all things, music is the only conciliatory art that exists and the current market takes music the wrong way, really feel what you do and the value of the reward that is it gets when something is really done with the heart is not comparable with anything in the World »