Nucleotide live is a concept developed to enhance the real connection with music and LIVE format, based on improvisation creates a unique atmosphere of music. Outkast Album is a gift by nucleotide as an introduction to the concept of music that shows. Composed of 8 songs with different points of appreciation on the Techno. Nucleotide live is not a name that will be used to publish music, it will only be a way to understand Music Live.

Recently the first direct jam with this project was broadcast in Waves program emitted by Fnoob Techno Radio (UK) here you can hear and download this first Live Jam as Nucleotide.

In this project the musical and design was hardly studied. A potable setup but very powerful, without a computer and focused on the analogy as a base forms an TECHNO with a  very different Sound/Visual concept.

On September will announce more details, gigs schedule, management of this project, from now and as gift to begin with Nucleotide name i wrote and Album called » Outkast « and you can download totally free from Bandcamp.